I am a full-stack web developer with a focus on end-to-end dev ops processes and web application security. I specialize in optimizing codebases to have a robust architecture with simplistic scalability while maintaining high performance availability and comprehensive security without sacrificing user experiences.

I currently work at Foot Locker as a Software Engineer Team Lead on the international team working to ensure the current site architecture can handle migrating all European sites over to a new platform built in React/Redux and running on an Express server. In the past I have also worked to revamp the checkout process to increase customer conversion.

In past positions I have worked with AWS dev-ops tools and servers, Heroku build tools and Digital Ocean virtual machines. I am well versed in various build tools such as webpack as well as CI/CD tools such as Jenkins and the AWS Code Pipeline platform. I have also worked with prebuilt and custom middleware to handle various stages of the page load.

In my free time I enjoy creating and maintaining IoT home automation devices paired with a custom home server software system. I also manage numerous self hosted software systems on a home server cluster including a kubernetes instance that I use to further my software development life cycle skills.